Thursday, December 2, 2010

Board Raising Party!

Many thanks to the twenty-plus volunteers, who braved the cold weather a couple weeks ago to help us build our hockey boards and recreational skating rink. On Saturday, November 20, BSSHA hosted a Board Raising Party to assemble the hockey boards and a small, recreational ice rink.The hockey boards were donated by Hussey Plumbing, and trucked from Grand Forks, North Dakota by Simkins Hallin Lumber Co. The recreational skating rink was generously donated to the BSSHA by Lone Mountain Ranch.

The Simkins Hallin Lumber truck - loaded with the boards en-route to Big Sky.

The weather was frigid, but volunteers were enthusiastic about getting the hockey boards, and recreational rink ready to go. We are getting closer and closer to skating in Big Sky!

The boards form the newly named, Alpine Ice Rink at Town Center. BSSHA and Alpine Property Management recently  signed an agreement giving Alpine Property Management the naming rights to the rink during the time they remove snow daily from both the hockey and recreational rinks. This important partnership will allow the skating and hockey community to focus on building and maintaining ice and less on removing snow.

 We are getting ready to flood the big rink, and will need support from the community.  In order to make the ice strong enough to skate on, the surface must be leveled and flooded in many thin layers. Throughout the winter, BSSHA will have use of Moonlight Basin's small ice resurfacer to maintain the ice. Stay tuned for more opportunities to volunteer!

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